What a character!

basset-caractere-01At first you see his cheerfull, lively and devoted nature. The Basset Artésien Normand is a real familydog, fond of children. He will do his utmost to please his owner. Submissive obedience can not be expected. He is a litle stubborn, because of his talent to seek for game independently. He is certainly never nervous. His soft character suits an owner who handles his Basset with patience, consequence and charm.

Education of the Basset

basset-caractere-02His soft and cheerful character, together with his curiosity, demands a consequent and patient education. The French Basset is intelligent and learns without effort. In this way he becomes quite an obedient friend. Soon there will be a close relationship with the owner and his family. Before the puppy arrives we advise to agree within the family what is allowed and what not. Things are easy to learn but hard to unlearn. Puppy training is a good possibility with a trainer who has experience with and feeling for handling “chien